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PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
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Import Your PHPfox Community to SocialEngine
SocialEngine is a powerful platform for building online communities with its awesome features, stability and extensive customizability. If you are planning to move your community from PHPfox to SocialEngine, then we have the right solution for you. Our import tool: PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine will transfer your data and content from your old PHPfox website to your new SocialEngine PHP website in a short span of time.

What Gets Imported?

Our PHPfox importer tool will transfer your content such as Blogs, Photos, Events, Music, Videos, Forum, Polls, Pages & Groups, Marketplace Listings, Activity Feed, Privacy, Chat, Likes, Comments, Nested comments, Attachments, Friends, Private Messaging, Announcements, Account Privacy, Custom Fields, SEO - Meta Keywords & Description, Custom Pages, Ad Campaigns, Poke, Banned users, Facebook and Janrain Users, Admin settings and many more.

How do I do it?

Importing your site from PHPfox to SocialEngine can be done in a few simple steps using this importer tool. If you still feel that you require professional help for this, then please order our ‘PHPfox to SocialEngine Migration’ service.

Interested in SocialEngineAddOns plugins?

Check out the demos of our plugins:

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Why migrate to SocialEngine?

SocialEngine offers the best in stable, functional, and up-to-date social networking software. SocialEngine dedicates significant time and resources towards making improvements and upgrades. The features you wish you always had for your PHPfox community are now prevalent in SocialEngine. Also, SocialEngine has revamped their approach to customer experience. SocialEngine is making it a top priority to ensure that website admins receive quality support and that their needs are addressed.


With this PHPfox import tool, your PHPfox community will transfer seamlessly and you can pick up right where you left off. You will be quickly making lots of new and exciting improvements to your site. Your members will thank you, and you’ll wish you had done it sooner!

I am in love with the Demos and want to purchase many plugins. What should I do ?
Contact us from here. We will be happy to help you in migrating your PHPfox website to SocialEngine and in choosing our plugins.
Your website content can be migrated into more feature-rich SocialEngineAddOns plugins. PHPfox pages into Directory / Pages and Essential Extensions - Product Kit, PHPfox groups into Groups - Product Kit, PHPfox events into Advanced Events Plugin and PHPfox blogs & classifieds into Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlists, etc All In One Plugin.
Choose our recommended packages from here and get started with SocialEngine quickly.

Here are some added benefits you will be getting, using this script:

  • You can choose to disable importing of content for selected modules.
  • Option to set new super admin email and password.
  • Option to run this script in Test Mode before running it in Live Mode.
  • Option to generate random account password for all members that are migrated.
  • Import script’s running progress can be sent to an email address.
  • Option to define various script execution settings for smooth data migration, like Resize photos, Skip clearing the cache, Max time per request,etc.

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1) Add a paid product along with this free product in your cart, fill the account details and checkout.


2) Contact Us or write to us at with below details and we will create a FREE Client Account for you on

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Is this mandatory to have my PHPfox website and my SocialEngine PHP website on the same server?
Yes, it is mandatory that your PHPfox and SocialEngine PHP websites are both located on the same server.
What will happen to the existing content of my SocialEngine PHP website at the time of migration?
This migration will overwrite the existing content of your SocialEngine PHP website with the content of your PHPfox website.
Can I run this migration script in Test Mode before running it in Live Mode?
Yes, you can run this migration script in Test Mode before running it in Live Mode. You can choose this mode from the settings of this script before starting migration.
Can I run this migration script multiple times?
Yes, you can run this migration script multiple times, but upon every execution of this script, all the existing content will be overwritten. So, if your SocialEngine PHP site has any existing users or content since your last migration, then that will be lost when you run the migration script again.
Does this migration script also work with third party plugins of PHPfox and import their content?
No, this migration script will not import / migrate the content of PHPfox’s third party plugins to SocialEngine PHP. If you want to migrate any of your PHPfox third party plugins’ content, then please contact us for your custom requirement.
Plugin + Installation
Price: $0
 + $10
Price: $0

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